The Reynoldston e-mail Service –

Do You Use email ? Did you know that ? :

Over 40 households now use the Reynoldston email facility.

It costs just £20 per household per year.

Individual names within households come free of charge.

Unlike e-mail addresses provided by your current Internet Service Provider, a e-mail address can be used with any provider, giving you the freedom to change providers in the future without being tied to your current one because of email addresses.

If you wish, emails addressed to you at can be automatically delivered to your existing email address.

We have one of the best spam filters available—with (if required) daily reports of any emails that have been intercepted.

We provide assistance with configuring your pc

Why change?

* you will have a very simple e-mail address, so no confusions!

* you can change your internet provider at any time without having to change your e-mail address

* a briliant spam filter

* lots of local support

* no risks

For more information contact:

 Dave Harvey on 391660

( )

 Gerard Turley on 390864

( )

The email facility is a

Reynoldston Village Hall Association initiative



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