Pilates – Tuesday mornings at 9.30am in  Reynoldston Village Hal

Pilates is an exercise system that combines the best of eastern and western exercise techniques. Mind body connection, a smooth flowing breath, flexibility, strength and endurance.  It works from the inside out, strengthening the deep core postural muscles, abdominals and back muscles to improve body alignment and correct imbalances of strength that may have caused restriction of movement or pain. Due to its stabilising effect on the joints, it is often recommended by physiotherapists, osteopaths and other medical / physical therapy professionals as a rehabilitative aid or to help prevent injury. You should leave the class feeling stress free and energised.  It is suitable for all adults, of any age.

Places available – why not think about booking your space ready for the New Year.

Contact: Emma Hopkins on 07766 477308.  

I came to Pilates having had back problems off and on for nearly 20 years.  After having a lumber puncture and being confined to bed for weeks my back muscles “went to jelly” and my mobility was restricted.  Pilates was recommended by a friend and from there I began first attending one session a week, enjoying it so much that this increased to three times a week.  My desire to teach it came from wanting to learn more about Pilates myself. I am now a Level 3 qualified Pilates instructor, teaching nine classes per week around the Gower and Mumbles area”. (Emma)



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